LIFE Coaching and Leadership trainings WITH HORSES

Hello, I’m Maike

I’m passionate about people and their dreams, I believe it is possible and absolutely needed that leadership and workplaces in our present days need a cultural change to get the best result for our business, both private and professional. And I know that horses can be the key for that change.

“Who you will be
is what you do now”

Life Coaching 1:1

Everybody has the power and potential to live a fulfilled life. Everything you need for that is within you. Life Coaching will help you to unlock your power to change. Finding out what you truly desire, what your values are and how you want to live your life – are the goals of our sessions. In deep, authentic and honest conversations we will get to the core of the true you, find clarity about your needs and dreams. My horses and I will accompany you in the process of change and transformation.  I deeply believe that you have the power to release your true you and that you can live the life you are longing for.

zeus the coach life coaching with horse assited

What people say

If you wanna have a marvelous and peaceful time in a beautiful countryside, where you can also stay in a lovely place for vacation, working remotely or a personality training with horses, then you´re right there.

Anne Bartsch –

This training really gets to the nitty gritty of how your responses influence those around you.


Liz Hutchinson, IPC Europe, Quality Manager

‘Incredible! Not only an experience, but a lesson for life: get over your fears, face them … and you will be inspired. Thanks Maike Kühl for believing in me .’

Vivian Leute, meap GmbH, Project Manager

Fantastic. The training will help me to run my team in a trustful and more effective way.

Cyrille Dehon, Airbus, Team Lead

The art of communication is
the language of leadership


Would you like to be a natural leader, free from doubt and full of inspiration? Leave the common path, follow your instincts and focus on what really matters.

Leadership is about who you are, how you inspire and influence, how you motivate and promote, yourself and your team.

Leaders who have presence and impact are compelling and motivational. Their enthusiasm is inspirational and catching. Teams are willing to follow. Those leaders build the future. As a result you will be less stressed, positively charged, motivated and able to manage yourself and others. But how to become a natural leader? Learn from the best.
Horse assisted leadership training will connect you with the most majestic and powerful leaders and show you the essence of true teamwork and resource management.

From horses you will learn how to lead with your heart, hands and feet and become an empowered leader.
Leadership Training with Zeus the Coach is build on the 4 seasons of empowerment. It will step by step transform back breaking leading work into a feather light flow. Inspired by nature.
Zeus the coach Leadership trainings with horses
About The Coach

I  believe in you
and your strength


I have experienced how draining work can be based on skills, knowledge and management tools. To get the best result for our private and professional live, often change is needed. We need to remember the soft skills within us. Good leaders don´t lead with words, good leaders will take you on a journey – that´s what I learn from being with horses every day. I am a member of the European Association for Horse Assisted Education (EAHAE). To add on a classic business transformation approach in my work I was trained as a CTI Co active coach. Together we can unlock your power to live your dreams.